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Hello visitor, and welcome to Purification, a one page shrine dedicated to the very soul of Fodra, Little Queen from Namco's released version of Tales of Graces, Tales of Graces ƒ. While being a good person who loves nature and wishes for peace, Little Queen is actually an antagonist of Graces' Future Arc who wishes to destroy humanity so the world can be its original self again. Please know that this shrine has full of unmarked spoilers of the Future Arc from the North American version of the game. This shrine is owned by Mayumi. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


The Mysterious Girl

Name: Little Queen (リトル • クイーン Ritoru Kuin)
Age: Unknown (Appears to be 20, could be more than 100 years old)
Gender: Female
Occupation: Protector of Fodra, Magic/Eleth User
Hometown: Fodra
Voice Actress: Yoshino Nanjou (Japanese), Lauren Landa (English)

The Little Queen is the newest antagonist in Tales of Graces' Future Arc. There is not much known about her than her coming from Fodra. She loves flowers and the life teaming from from it. She holds a strong hatred for humanity and wishes to wipe the race clean from the world because she thinks they will destroy Ephinea as they did to her home world. She won't hesitate to kill them in an instant.

Who Are You?

In the beginning of the Future Arc in Tales of Graces while Asbel and Sophie visits Lord Aston's grave, the Little Queen makes her first appearance. She asks Sophie what she would do after all of the people she loves are gone from her life after seeing Asbel's name on the tombstone. As Sophie still looks around dazed and confused, she disappears. The confused humanoid is left wondering if what she saw is real or just an illusion.

When Sophie is adopted as Asbel's daughter, Little Queen appears before her once more. She warns her not to trust their words as their existence is a crime. She disappears while Sophie questions her as to why she is saying those words to her.

When the party reaches Fodra via the shuttle, Sophie sees the Little Queen standing in a meadow of flowers. Sophie is actually shocked when she sees the person she thought as an illusion is actually real. Seeing the shuttle approaching, Little Queen attacks, forcing the party to land in Telos Astue. Sophie mentions that she wants to visit the meadow to see Little Queen, but it will be done after they visit the Eleth Research Laboratory.

Memories of the Past

After fighting the monster that appeared out of nowhere, the party learns about the mysterious woman who attacked them. Looking through the data of a non-functioning humanoid, they discover Emeraude and a Fodran Scientist having a discussion. Emeraude mentions how grateful she is in having some of Little Queen's data to use to complete Sophie's creation. The scientist warns Emeraude not to be hasty as they all don't know what Little Queen is and could be dangerous. As the two scientists continue on with their conversation, the data shows the Little Queen within Fodra's Core in a sleeping state. Before Emeraude leaves, the scientists warn her that no one must know about the Little Queen. Standing alone with the core, the scientist asks Fodra what it wants which awakens the Little Queen from her sleeping state with soulless eyes.

As the party discusses about Little Queen's connection with Sophie, the Queen herself appears before them. Asbel asks who she is but Little Queen pays no mind to him and attacks the party, ignoring Cheria's pleas to not fight each other. Little Queen continues to strike at them until Sophie strikes back at her. Noticing as Sophie shares the same kind of power she has, the Queen looks at her in bewilderment and stops attacking. As Sophie looks at her in surprise that she stopped attacking, Little Queen begins to speak calling her Child of Fodra and coaxes Sophie to join her. Just as the party prepares to fight her, Little Queen begins to cave in the laboratory forcing the party to escape. Running away, Sophie looks back at Little Queen as she looks back towards her. As the party escapes in the shuttle, Little Queen watches them run away in disappointment. However, she forces the party to crash again but this time in the Arcadia Garden.

Who Disturbs That Circle?

After crashing in the Arcadia Garden, Little Queen talks with Sophie again and tells her they will spend eternity together and will be by her side since her friends won't be by her side for long. As Sophie thinks over her offer to herself, Little Queen disappears. Desperate to talk to her again, the party goes through the Arcadia Garden to find Little Queen waiting at the other side. As Sophie questions her to how does she know everything about her, Little Queens begins to quote. She questions who disturbs the circle of life about the stars, the wind, the Earth and the flowers. The only word she says is: humans. She also asks Sophie join her to kill them. Asbel comes forth and questions if that is the only thing Little Queen wants. Little Queen ignores him and tells them to die, forcing the party into a battle with her and 10 copies of herself.

After the fight, Little Queen summons more copies of herself and stretches out her hand for Sophie to join her. Sophie begins to walk towards her in a trance-like state until Asbel calls out to her. Little Queen tells her to join her and she will take the place of Sophie's pain and ease her lonliness. Sophie begins to reach out her hand to her until Asbel steps in between them which irritates the Queen and strikes back with a strong force of Eleth then disppears. Protected by Lambda after being attacked, Sophie looks around trying to sense where Little Queen is. Little Queen freezes her surroundings and lets Sophie know that she is waiting for her.

We Must Destroy All Of Humanity

After fighting Little Queen in the Arcadia Garden, the party returns to Telos Astue after Pascal found another data from another non-functioning humanoid. Watching the data, they discover from the scientists who were in the previous video that Little Queen wants to wipe out away the human race and has already begun to do so. Confirming to shut down Fodra's Core, Little Queen kills the scientists saying that she must destroy humanity which is her only reason for existing. She soon notices the humanoid who was recording/watching everything and destroys it, ending the video.

Deciding to shut the core themselves, the party goes to the Lastalia Shaft where Little Queen fights them in a total of two times in the Depths of the Shaft. However for the second time after she fights the party, she begins to look weaker as the eleth from her body begins fade away. As Sophie begs to her to stop fighting, Little Queen says that she and Fodra hates humans and they have to destroy them. Before fighting Little Queen a second time, the party also learns that Little Queen and her copies were born from Fodra's Core to protect it as the Core had the ability to adapt to survive as the lower Depths of the Shaft was filled with life and beauty untouched by humans. Mentioned by Pascal that if humans were around, they would waste Fodra's eleth. So in order to defend itself from humans, the core created the Little Queens.

The Queen of Fodra

As the party reaches Fodra's Core, the Little Queens appear and try to coax Sophie to join them one last time saying they will become one with her and live in peace together. Sophie replies to her saying that she isn't her and that she is Sophie Lhant. Fustrated that she's helping humans, Little Queen sees her choice and begins to merge with the other Little Queens, becoming the final boss of the Future Arc and her strongest form: The Fodra Queen. As she blames the party for their "countless sins", she releases a tremendous power, causing them to fall down in pain and hearing her in their minds. She explains to them how they've treated the world like a child's toy as humans aren't content with harmony and their lives are the coin are which their sins will be repaid. Just as she strikes once more, Lambda shields them from the Fodra Queen's attack. As Lambda warns that he can't shield them for long, Sophie says they will try to reach an understanding with Fodra. And so the party begins their final battle with the Queen.

After the battle, the Fodra Queen begins to approach the Core to regain her strength and to keep the core safe. Before she could, Lambda (possessing Asbel temporarily) begins to take the core's eleth. Having no chance at taking the eleth, the Queen collapses to the floor, changing back into her Little Queen form looking completely defeated. As Lambda takes the party into Fodra's conciousness, he tells them that he has taken a portion of the pain from Little Queen's heart.

"Let It Know How I Felt."

As the party returns back ouside of the core, Sophie sees the Little Queen crying. As she approches her, the frightened Queen attacks her out of fear, saying that she must fight by herself. Sophie takes her hand and tell her she doesn't have to fight no more. She offers Little Queen to join her and watch over them together. As Little Queen believes Sophie's words of how the humans can change, she begins to fade away since she has used up all of her powers. Before she fades away, Little Queen asks Sophie if she can take her feelings as well as her hopes and dreams for the world. She also tells her to let the world how she felt about it. Sophie takes whats left of the Queen and merges with her, giving Sophie a new form and to shed tears.


Sometimes in my opinion, I was always think that Little Queen has mood swings. Despite her appearance, she can either be nice (well, only to Sophie since she has a connection with her) or a bitch (as you can see her striking millions of laser beams at once to the party and sending monsters after them). But I think she's a nice person all together. She's just a girl who wants the best for the planet. Not ruin. Hence, you can see why she wants to get rid of all humanity at once. Her feelings are deeply connected with the world as it once was and it's beauty. But at the same time, I sometimes think that she's lonely as well. That's why she always calls out to Sophie. But at the end, it's Sophie who calls out to her. As you can see at the end of the Future Arc, her whole cold personality changes to someone frightened and as she says that she "has to fight all by herself against the humans that will destroy them." But as she asks Sophie to take her feelings with her before she fades away, her personality completely changes into a kind gesture and not a mean gesture.

Bringing Her To Life

Yoshino Nanjo (南條 愛乃 Nanjou Yoshino)

In the Japanese release of Tales of Graces ƒ, Little Queen is voiced by seiyuu (Japanese voice actress) and singer, Yoshino Nanjo. Since I have the localized version of Graces, I didn't have to buy the Japanese version of the game. However, if I didn't, I would have bought it. However, as many people have both versions of the game and post their recordings on YouTube, I found myself curious to know how Little Queen sounded in her original voice. When I first heard it, I thought it was Tear Grants' (from Tales of the Abyss) seiyuu Yukana as she sounded similar. But when I did a little research on Japan's Wikipedia, I was surprised that it wasn't. But I was impressed by her voice work for Little Queen as her voice sounded soft and kind. Especially as she said her hi-ougi (mystic arte) quote.

Lauren Landa

In the North American release of Tales of Graces ƒ, Little Queen is voiced by voice actress, Lauren Landa. As a person aiming for the voice acting world, I personally think that Lauren has seriously done a wonderful job in voicing Little Queen. She brings inspiration to me. She brought that fierceness into her character. You can hear it in the boss fights. Lauren also brought that soft and kind voice to Little Queen as well. Especially when she says: "Child of Fodra, come to me." Since the North American releases of Tales games don't add a cast list in the credits (except for Symphonia), I was desperate to find out who who voiced her. Now, I'm an instant fan. :)

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As a bonus to add to this shrine, I have taken the time to record the parts Little Queen has appeared in the game in the Future arc and made some screencaps for you all to enjoy. Each sceencap size is the original size and quality 1280x720, which I am sure, is perfect for graphics and icons. Before proceeding to the image gallery, please read the following rules. Fail to obey to these rules will result the removal of this gallery.

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About The Shrine

After playing Graces's Future Arc, I thought to myself that I had to make a shrine for this person. She didn't seem too evil for me to hate her, even if I had to fight 10 copies of herself everytime I go into a boss battle with her. She just wants beauty and peace being restored to the world as it was before. So, I understood her reasons. I chose her hi-ougi (mystic arte) name (Purification) as the title for the shrine because it seemed like the right thing to choose because that was what she was doing as quoted: "We must destroy all of humanity. That is the sole reason for which we exist." I always wanted to make a one page shrine. So, I've decided to make one for Little Queen even though she was an antagonist, she's still good at heart. ♥

You are currently viewing Version 2 of Purification featuring Little Queen in her Tales of Evolve cards. Layout was completely done in Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended and coded via Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Extended. Fonts used are Extra Ornamental No2. Shrine was officially opened on January 23rd 2013. Extra credits goes to Crystal, Michi, Samantha and Varen for their help and opinions. And a huge thank you to Namco for releasing this game in both languages. Otherwise I never would have known how wonderful this game is.


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